3D Bioprinting Survey Winner Announced!

May 5, 2015

Raleigh, NC – Xanofi, a nanomaterial company specializing in rapid product development (xanofi.com) and Izumi, a cutting-edge technology company, announces the winner of their 18 question, 3D bioprinting survey. To incentivize researchers to fill out the survey, Xanofi offered an Apple iPad to a randomly chosen respondent.

The WINNER: Karoly Jakab, Co-founder and Senior Scientist at Modern Meadow, Inc., Brooklyn, NY.

“We appreciate and thank everyone that participated in the survey and are extremely happy with the results we received,” Miles Wright, Xanofi CEO commented. “We hope and expect to have more surveys like this to continue our research on what scientists and companies actively working in the field, really need and want to help improve their projects and ultimately lead to a successful outcome.”
For more information about the survey and to receive a copy of the survey results, please contact Xanofi.

About Xanofi
Xanofi, a highly innovative advanced materials company, is changing the global landscape on how nanofibers are manufactured with a new platform process that is highly efficient and easy to integrate into production environments. Using a patented technique called XanoShear™, the scalable Xanofi process can produce short, staple nanofibers at high yields. The ability to control the length of nanofibers allows this technology to find application in a wide swath of both conventional and unconventional applications. See more detailed information by visiting xanofi.com.

 About Izumi
Established in 1977 as a provider of cutting-edge technology within the booming US textile trade, Izumi International, Inc. now collaborates with industry-leading companies all over the world to design turnkey solutions to a diverse range of automation needs.

In 2013, Izumi entered the biosciences market, offering customized laboratory automation and bioprinting systems for pioneering research at leading research institutions. Izumi has partnered with Xanofi to create the world’s first 3D printed scaffold composed of discrete fibers and plans to further expand its bioscience portfolio around this unique capability. For more information about this company, visit: www.izumiinternational.com.

Press Contact
Kevin Rudolph
Director of Strategic Alliances
(888) 919-XANO